Information concerning Round XIII interviews

Information concerning Round XIII interviews

The interviews will take place on 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th January 2023, at YCS Office address as following: Str. Behije Dashi, no. 14, Floor 6, 10000 Prishtina.

Interviews timetable

Please carefully read again the Rules of procedure (p. 19-22) in the part concerning the interviews and the Panel Timetable mentioned above. All information about interviews are there including the rules to be observed during this phase of selection process.

We would like to stress the following:

  1. each interview will last max 25 minutes (5 minutes review of individual files by the interview panel, 5 min for presentation, 10 minutes interview, 5 minutes closed door discussion)
  2. no changes in the timetable list are possible for any reason
  3. it is particularly important that you prepare a presentation about a topic related with public policy making or EU integration of Kosovo and in a subject within the specific sector where you compete. In fact, as stated in the rules of procedure at p. 21: Candidates who present a topic not related with their sector will be scored 0 on this part of the interview and therefore eliminated from the selection, no matter their presentation skills. No use of power point or pc is allowed for this, you have to use your oral skills.
  4. remember that you MUST arrive at interviews with a valid proof of identity (ID, passport or other valid proof of identity) at least 20 minutes before your scheduled time for the interview. NO DELAY ADMITTED, NO CANDIDATES WITHOUT VALID PROOF OF IDENTITY ADMITTED
  5. if you decide to withdraw from the selection procedure for any reason please inform us accordingly.

We wish you good luck and once again we congratulate with you for this remarkable result.

Kindest regards

YCS Team

Young Cell Scheme Round XIII-XIV-XV