Young Cell Scheme

EU Postgraduate Scholarship Programme for Kosovo


What is the Young Cell Scheme?

  • This is a scholarship programme co-funded by the European Union and by the Government of Kosovo¬†
  • A sustainable way of supporting Kosovo public administration reform, to get in line with the best European practices
  • Launched in 2004, the YCS programme offers an opportunity to young Kosovars, through the delivery of scholarships, to study in universities located in EU Member States, and afterwards to work in the civil service.
  • 409 students have been awarded scholarships, through 13 rounds, to study in European Universities.

Who is eligible to apply?

Every Kosovo resident that has:

  • Valid Kosovo ID/passport 

  • University degree or undergraduate students 

  • Fluent in English 

  • Age limit: born on 1 January 1989 or later 

The Selection process principles

  • Transparency: Each stage of the selection process will be publicly advertised at the same time for all applicants, and the same information will be provided to everybody.
  • Fairness: Selection will be a result of specific set of criteria. Any candidate attempting in any way or form to influence the selection process in his or her favour will be disqualified and eliminated from the selection.
  • Non-discrimination: Women, non-majority communities and people with special abilities are particularly encouraged to apply.

Where can I study?

Applicants may only apply to recognised universities of all EU Member States.

What support is offered by the scheme?

The YCS offers both financial and practical support to selected candidates:

  • Financial support: full costs of tuition, living costs allowances, transportation to the country of study from the place of residence and return, and coverage of internships in the Government of Kosovo institutions.
  • Practical support: advising selected candidates on choosing degree courses and universities, as well as giving helpdesk assistance for the whole duration of studies abroad.